All India Disaster Mitigation
411, Sakar Five, Behind Old Natraj Cinema,
Near Mithakhali Underpass, Ashram Road,
Ahmedabad – 380009,
Gujarat, India

Tel / Fax:+91 79 26582962
The All India Disaster Mitigation Institute (AIDMI) is a registered non-governmental organization based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It is a community-based action planning, action research and advocacy organization, working towards bridging the gap betw
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AIDMI-NIDM Online Training, June 28 to 30, 2022 (15:00-17:00 IST)                    COVID-19 Impact on Education                    The Pandemic and Reopening Schools                    Agriculture, Gender and COVID-19: Impact and Recovery                    Missing Insights on COVID-19: The Intersectionality of Risk and Resilience in South Asia                    Accountability to Affected Populations in Times of the Pandemic                    The Contribution of Zenaida Delica-Willison to DRR                    Novel Corona Virus in India                    Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak                    GlobalSymposium on “Disaster Resilient Smart Cities”                    The State of the Humanitarian System                    Air Quality in Ahmedabad 2018                    Civil Society Forum, October 9-12, 2018, World Bank Group Meeting                    2018 ASIAN MINISTERIAL CONFERENCE ON DISASTER RISK REDUCTION                    Sixth edition of Heat Action Plan launched in Ahmedabad                    India Accelerates in Building Resilience                    Celebrating IDDR 2017                    What is New in                    Two day school safety Disaster Management program at Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC)                    Implementing Where It Matters: AIDMI Annual Report Summary 2016-17                    Certificate Course in Disaster Management and Business Continuity Planning                    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)                    Enriching The Asia Regional Plan: Inputs from India                    First SFDRR Aligned National Disaster Management Plan                    India’s National Disaster Management Plan: Clear on Risk Transfer and Insurance                    Villagers left to - tackle - flood                    World Conference on Humanitarian Studies                    The State of Children in Asian Cities                    Making Smart Cities Safe: Cities, Children and Risk                    Odisha Focuses on Disaster Risk Reduction                    Risk Insurance and Adaptation: Managing Urban Risks                    Message from Vice Chairman NDMA                    14,000 Livelihood recovery families and more than 8000 habitat support families.                    560 trainings covering 20775 participants and 19 subjects.                   
To set up a strengthened community of the deprived and excluded citizens who will be:
  • Resilient to hazards,
  • Have their own coping mechanisms,
  • Are prepared to manage disaster recovery on their own, and
  • Access public resources as their right.
We mainstream Disaster Risk Reduction by turning disaster relief and rehabilitation measures into an opportunity for sustainable human security and poverty alleviation by supporting deprived and excluded citizens.
Innovations through demonstration
AIDMI has responded to several large-scale disaste
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Capacity Building
AIDMIs learning resources conduct training for pan
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Policy Advocacy through Round Tables
Through national and regional round table, seminar
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Knowledge Exchange
Newsletters for community organizations, governmen
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Research and Evaluation
AIDMI has conducted over 28 evaluations of disaste
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