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Accountability is in Everybody Interest issue no. 184, December 2019:

This issue of is titled “Accountability is in Everybody's Interest” and highlights the importance of not only top-down but bottom-up and lateral accountability for humanitarian organizations and CSOs.


The articles in this issue cover a broad range of sub-themes related to accountability and depict how it can lead to social innovation, resilience, sustainability of development outcomes and community ownership. This issue also introduces the readers to the new concepts like dynamic accountability. Most importantly, this issue underscores the fact that real and meaningful accountability is more than audited reports, as it implies a constant dialogue with a diverse range of stakeholders, including those typically excluded and marginalised. 

This issue's contents includes: (i) Accountability in Public Interest; (ii) The Role of Community in Reducing Corruption Risk During a Disaster; (iii) Dynamic Accountability, A Stakeholder-driven Approach to Accountability (iv) Accountability and Resilience: A Marriage Made in Disasters; (v) Accountability as a Trigger for Social Innovation; (vi) Understanding Cultural Sustainability in the Context of Transboundary Water Governance; (vii) Feedback and Complaints Mechanisms; (viii) From Disaster Relief to Resilient Civil Society; (ix) Rethinking the Participation Revolution; (x) Achieving More Trust, Legitimacy and Resilience for Civil Society; (xi) Filling the Gap on Sustainable Development Goal 16: Inclusive and Responsive Decision-Making Indicator Data; (xii) Engaging Stakeholders to Increase Resilience: Rohingya Refugee Crisis; (xiii); Rosie the Robot: Social Accountability One Tweet at a Time; and (xiv) Accountability is in Everybody's Interest.

This special edition was organized by Accountable Now, with Ms. Bethany Spendlove Keeley as editor of the submitted articles. Some of the best thinkers, researchers, experts, and activists, including Mihir R. Bhatt with AIDMI Team;

Daniel Stevens, World Vision International; Elodie Le Grand, President and CEO of Consentia, Social Responsibility Inc.; Erika Baranda, Accountable Now; Esther Smitheram, Children on the Edge; Ezgi Akarsu, Accountable Now; Hannah Wheatley, The Data Shift Initiative, CIVICUS; Isabelle Büchner, Accountable Now; Jeremy Sandbrook, CEO Integritas360; Jocelyn Condon, Australian Council for International Development (ACFID); John Clark, Accountable Now; Kai Hopkins, Ground Truth Solutions; Mukunda Upadhyay, Programme Office-Disaster Risk Reduction, Oxfam India, and Animesh Prakash, Asst. Manager and TROSA Lead, Oxfam India Humanitarian Hub, Oxfam India.

Theme: Accountability, Disaster Resilience, Civil Society, DRR, Community, Governance

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